LOOK BOOK- Our Fashion Collection

Fall Collection  "THEATRICAL ACT" Victoria:  Top - 100% cotton , Skirt - 100% cotton with … [Read more...]

My ONLINE-SHOP ! The Doors Are Open!

My mother and I  are opened the doors to our Online -Shop "The Fashion Muses" at Etsy! If you are … [Read more...]


June 6 “Do you like me?!?” is a very childish question. If you are an emotionally grown-up … [Read more...]


May 13 At my 20’s, I was fearless and adventurous. June 6th, 2005 (10 years ago) I came to US for … [Read more...]

FASHION video!!!

MAY 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGy9Q-L-IsU Beautiful maternity collection created by … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan!

May 8 When I was born, I was an ugly baby. I looked just like a baby Shrek. Bald head, no … [Read more...]


May 7 You are feeling low?!? – Dress up! It will make you feel better about yourself. You … [Read more...]

Unique You!

May 3 Yesterday, I went to Kentucky Derby party. There were so many beautiful women all age; … [Read more...]


April 30 “You are what you think”. Who said it – Buddha , Muhammed or Christ?!!? Who ever it was … [Read more...]


April 29 My wardrobe, for some unknown reason, consists of theatrical clothes. I have no jeans … [Read more...]