MAY 26 I like browsing internet trying to find inspiration! (Rarely ever works ) I listen … [Read more...]


MAY 25 Spending so much time on the beach, I start wondering.... Why do women wear bikinis?!? To … [Read more...]

Your BODY is your best FRIEND

MAY 20 Every morning I start with a 45 minute routine to get ready for a day: take a long shower, … [Read more...]


MAY 19 “The Lion” brought up a point, saying that when it is just two of us, there is no reason … [Read more...]

Girls’ Toys

May 17 We are so lucky that girls’ toys are different than boys’ toys. Boys’ toys are simple, … [Read more...]

A missing part of happiness!

May 15 No matter how good life is, there is always a missing part. It can be something little or … [Read more...]


May 14 1000 views, 13 countries, more thoughts….. Please join the Facebook page "365 Days of … [Read more...]


May 12 Once my friend asked me, why I’m always happy. The answer is - my happiness is a habit, … [Read more...]

Do you get Presents?!?

May 9 Couple weeks ago, I was cleaning the kitchen and accidently found $50 in an envelope! It … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan!

May 8 When I was born, I was an ugly baby. I looked just like a baby Shrek. Bald head, no … [Read more...]