Spend money on yourself!

May 6 When my first child was born, I stayed at home with him. I put all my time and care toward … [Read more...]


May 4 There is a popular opinion, that men want sex more then women. Moonshine (Bullshit)!!! … [Read more...]

Unique You!

May 3 Yesterday, I went to Kentucky Derby party. There were so many beautiful women all age; … [Read more...]

A Magic Trick!!!

April 27 We talk so much about how to be happy. Yes we TALK, now it’s time to ACT. Here is a … [Read more...]

What I’m talking about..

April 24 When I have no money – I talk about money. When I have no sex – I talk about sex. When … [Read more...]


April 22 Had a very interesting conversation with one drunk fellow at Real Real Café couple weeks … [Read more...]

Culture Shock!

April 21 Culture shock! Cannot stand when someone say that US has no culture! One person said it … [Read more...]

Fashion LookBook Video

April 18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6S5WxfyurQ Video about the photo-shoot of our first … [Read more...]

Importance of Shoes!

April 10 Why woman so obsess with Shoes? Because we all were raised on “Cinderella”! It's … [Read more...]