10 Brightest Moments Of The Year!

What a YEAR!!! It was one challenging and beautiful year!
UNIVERSE, thank you!2016-new-year-ss-1920-800x450

Here are 10 the brightest moments of the year!
1. First of all, of cause the shiniest moment and the star of the year is Maximus Leo. My sweetest baby boy! (My emotions and pure love can not be described in this format)
2. I’m so proud of myself for starting my blog – 365 Days Of Thoughts By Blonde. It’s all started as a joke. My mother and I were having late lunch at P.F.Chain in Charlotte. We were joking around about always saving money and not being able to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo . Laughed that money goes first to kids and then to man’s toys! The first thought was: “Ladies don’t be foolish. Stop saving money on yourself – save on your husband and children )))))
3. I think this year we were rich on creativity! The maternity clothing collection my mother made for me is just a masterpiece! Besides the clothing we had one outstanding photo-shoot!
4. Oh, It so hard to compare what moment is the brightest, because teaching piano lessons was one of my best breakthroughs! How I got so many TALENTED students?!?! Honestly, I found myself as a very good teacher! The last piano recital proved it! I was so proud of my students!
5. Made new friends! (At my age is getting harder to do , so I very value it)))) One of my “new” friends went to the hospital with me during my labor. She took care of me like I was her child, like we were the one… she loved me so much at that moment that I can not explain it …. WOW, we actually just met 6 months ago! How is was possible to get so bound and connected!

………..I have already been drinking champagne, because we celebrate New Year two times – Moscow , Russian time and local time smile emoticon ( 8 hours difference )

6. Made trip to Los Angeles to one outstanding wedding ! I met the bride in 2005, she was one of Russian exchange students like me working at foodLion :))))

7. Gain 35 lbs lost 35 lbs

8. Started my Video blog on YouTube! You may don’t understand that it’s big step for me…. I’m shy :)))

9. Made my dream come true – playing on a big stage in front of 1500 people at Nutcracker . But , honestly the lights were so bright that I could not see the audience . So It felt like we were by ourselves on the stage :))))) However, I loved every moment of it!

10. I just fell in love one more time with William

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