How I Lost 35 lbs just in 4 months!

How I Lost 35 lbs just in 4 months!


During my pregnancy I gained over 35 lbs. Maximus was born August 20 ,2015 . Right after he was born I lost only 10 lbs. So I had way to go to lose all my baby weight.

About myself I can say: I’m not athletic, never done any sports, I like to eat and don’t mind my laziness.

(1. Last days of pregnancy  2. 10 days after pregnancy  3. December 21, 2015 exactly 4 moths after Maximus was born)

It’s all started with my fun video blog “Fitness Challenge”. I attended different fitness classes and gave reviews on them. This experience helped me realize why for so many years of yoga and Pilates I never got real results.

The truth was I never worked out hard, as soon as I hit my limits I would slow down or give up. I hardly ever sweat at the gym. (The biggest sport I played as a child was PIANO ☺ , so no wonder I didn’t know how to put my body to work! ) The breakthrough happened on a session with a personal trainer. The trainer showed me what I’m actually capable of; on all my “I can’t do it” he proved me wrong! I was shock by the fact that for all these years I never challenged my body enough. I needed help to push myself through my limits and it was impossible to do it on my own.

Best motivation is when someone yells at you and you pay money for it! ☺ I started working out 30 minutes with a personal trainer twice a week. It cost me $60 per week – it’s a lot, especially for a family with two kids. So I was looking for a way to make it happened. I cut myself on going out to eat (-$20) and no wine or champagne (-$15), also picked up more piano students (+$25).

As a result I gained more than just  weight loss:

  1. Became physically stronger. Now I’m able to stay up longer at nighttime, can accomplish more because I’m less tired. I blog and do all my extra curriculum.
  2. Best anti-depression treatment – It is impossible get depressed when your body is working it’s best! I know it for 100%. Reduced risk to hit postpartum depression.
  3. Confidence and self-esteem. After mad workout I feel like I have no limits!


Here are three secrets, how I got back in shape so fast:

  1. Have Mad 30 minutes work outs twice a week.
  2. Breathing exercise – daily ( It’s hard to explain it. I will probably have to make a video about it. Let me know if you are interested)
  3. Slightly changed my food habits. In the morning I drink protein shake. (Mix protein powder with banana, milk, ice cream, corn flakes and water.) Also, I eat cauliflower as a snack; always have it in my refrigerate in case I’m in a “Chewing mood”.



The main message is – If I could do it, anyone can do it too!


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