On Local TV every Wednesday we have reportage about extraordinary people in our county. It made me think, who in my surrounding is extraordinary… Shocking!!! I don’t know any ordinary people! I’m very damn serious. I could probably film a 3 minutes video about anybody and it would have a unique story and a meaning. Starting from my neighbors, people I met at the dance studio, high-school friends, my realtor …. People, I think you don’t even have a clue how awesome you are.

Long time ago I was teaching lady’s dance class “Pole Fitness”. My personal goal for all my students was no just teaching them pole dancing, it was to make every woman in my class to feel good and sexy about herself. (I have to say what my oldest student was 76). I was shocked how many women could not recognize and see their beauty. What really pissed me off was when every other lady looking in the mirror would see all her limitations (I’m too fat, my butt is too big, I’m too old – REALLY?!?! That’s what you see? Because looking at you I see an extraordinary beautiful woman with a kind smile. )

The thought of the day:

The beauty icon for every woman in her head should be the image of herself! Not some Hollywood star! I really truly believe in it! Why would you want to match up with some fake image when you have extraordinary you?!?


P.S. May be it is my talent to see something unique and special in everyone I know. Let’s have a marathoner of uniqueness! Send me a private message and I will tell what unique I see in you! Of cause only If I personally know you and it does not matter when we met, even if it was 15 years ago I’m sure I still remember.

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