A Popular Phrase that Kills Your Dreams!


This is a phrase that kills your dreams. It blocks your dreams right in the beginning without any future hope. And I promised myself not to teach my kids this bad habit of saying it – “I can’t afford it”
I use to say “I can’t afford it” all the time…. Until I hit the bottom of not being able of afford anything. Then I realized that what I really cannot afford is wasting my life!
My dream is to go to Paris. And there are two ways for me to handle it: First, to think as I used to “I can’t afford it” and immediately forget about it. Because “I can’t afford” gives me a dead end. Or I can ask myself how I can make it happen, what am I willing to do for that?!? And start with a small ACT  like research: how much the tickets, what do I want to see there, where can I stay and so on. Slightly opening the door to allow getting the tasty of a dream.
“I can’t afford” is a perfect excuse for a loser, who is scared to act or not ready to get what he wants. I know it, because I am this loser. But I’m ready to kick my loser out!

The thought of the day
If you think you can’t afford it – you are right! If you think you can make it happen – you are right too!


  1. TheBoldThing says:

    Yes! We’ve gotta clear our disempowering context around money so we can bring in abundance.

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