A Magic Change Just in Couple Hours


If you want to change your life and you don’t know what to start with – start with a visit of your hairdresser! The hairdresser is one of the most important people in your life; he/she can ruin it or put you on pedestal! Find a doctor or a lawyer is way easier than to find a perfect hairstylist who can see your uniqueness and project it on your hair

In high school I was dating a guy. We were dating for a while and had great romantic relationship until my hairdresser did a horrible haircut. It was really bad: I had a super short bangs that made my face look super round like a ball. It was a disaster! My boyfriend (at that time) had no chance but to break up with me! He turned around and started dating a beautiful girl with a long gorgeous hair. However, for some reason my feeling were not hurting too bad (in his shoes I would do the same thing ☺)) The drama ended with a happy end; my hair grew and the boy came back to me asking for a date! It was my pleasure to say ”Sorry dude, Not interested”

Working at the salon “Beauty Bar Boutique” I was a witness of another fiasco. Some super well-known hairstylist came from some fancy place to our salon to do a master-class. He was showing his master skills on some middle age lady, after his performance the owner of the salon brought the lady to my make-up booth. The lady was upset and crying. Her haircut was super short and made her look older. The lady was saying “My boyfriend will never have sex with me again. I look like a dude… my boyfriend is not a gay ….”

That’s why hairdresser is so important. His/Her job is to make you look your best. If you found the one, you will know that no one else can make you feel better than your talented hairstylist. So good luck!

The thought of the day

“ Look at the mirror. Is it a time for your hair appointment? Make a call.

A Hair salon visit is the best therapy “

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