How to make people interested in you?

2009 04 Vika&Irina

How to make people interested in you?
There is only one way to make people interested in you. The answer is hidden in the question. To make people interested in you, you need to be an interesting person. I know it’s easy to say than to be. So how to become an interesting person?!?!
The answer is simple – be interested in YOURSELF!
Here is my personal experience. The reason why I started my blog was boredom and dissatisfaction with my lifestyle. When I started blogging I was pregnant with a title “stay-at-home mom”. An “Adult” part of my family was out of town; I had no one to talk to at nighttime, so my chatty personality was in deep despondency. As a true believer in “Self-Help”, first of all I had to find what makes my life unpleasant and second of all what needs to be changed to fix it.
The answer to the first question was – boredom. I was bored and everything around me was boring. Define the problem means to solve it half way, however it’s very important to ACT. My action was blogging. I found it very interesting to share my personal life experience and my “Blonde” thoughts. As a result I got the attention I needed and connected with many awesome people!
The thoughts of the Day: “ Get interested in yourself! Play the game of life with true interest and curiousity”!

Picture By Irina Reichert

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