A Real Picture of my Ultrasound!!!


This is a real picture of my ultrasound. Here is the story…

On my 20th week of pregnancy (or around that time) I went to OB GYN office for ultrasound. The nurse was very nice; she was very detail taking all kinds of measurements of the fetus. The process was taking a long time. The baby was constantly moving it was hard for the nurse to catch him in the right position to take picture. After following the baby all over my belly she asked me to lie on my side, hoping that it would help. I did as she asked and as soon as a probe touched my belly baby’s middle finger appeared on the monitor…

We both were shocked. I asked her – “Do you see what I see?!?!?”  She said.. “I think soooo” and we both started laughing.

My boy just nicely asked her to B*ACK OFF!

The nurse said, “Ok, I guess we are done for today” and let us go.

The thought of the day: Don’t think that you are too small to influence any of your life situations.


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