Looking around I notice a scary trend, I call it – UNISEX. More and more women dress like men. T-shirts , shirts , military style clothing , “boyfriend” fit jeans (I have a one pair myself) . The result of our new clothing preferences leads us to act like men. We have to admit that what we are wearing project the way we carry ourselves in public. A woman  who wears a pencil skirt can walk and hold herself only a certain way. She walks like “a cat” and act like a lady!

Women not just looking and acting like men, now more and more women are thinking like men. We are trying to take control over everything. We think that financial independence is a key to be protected. You will never see us cry because we don’t want to show our weakness or be emotional.

Being a woman is a gift! I have no idea why we women want to be like men. UNISEX is destroying woman’s individuality and put feminine power on leash. Losing the connection with femininity is dangerous, because femininity is the fundament of every woman’s life. If your fundament is weak, it’s easy to get out of balance. If you are out of balance, it’s hard to be happy with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, nothing and no one can make happy……

The thought of the day: Waking up in the morning, remind yourself that you are woman. Your feminine energy can give you so much more power. Connect with your inner feminine beauty!

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