Loneliness is a very unpleasant feeling; it’s one of the feelings we all happen to face time to time. I hear from many women the same scenario: “I want to meet a special man, he would make me feel complete and I will never feel lonely again.” Well, I have some doubts ….Yes! – you can meet your significant one and Yes! – he can make you feel complete, but sometimes you may feel lonely and if you do – It’s OK. Or it could happen when you at the party with a big group of people, but for some reason you feel lonely… Or you can be home with kids, they are busy playing and the loneliness can jump on you…. So why do we feel lonely?

For example: sometimes I go to drink beer and eat chicken wings with “ the Lion”. I want to talk to him and get his full attention, but he is looking away, thinking about something else, counting numbers. And I understand that at this particular moment I’m not in his zone of interest. Of cause my feelings get hurt and it makes me feel lonely even when we are physically together…. However “The Lion” can be far far away and I can feel close to him and connected. Loneliness has nothing to do with someone being physically away or present. You can feel loved and understood even when you are by yourself..

I think loneliness is a form of disconnection; when the connection with the important person is lost. The important person can be anyone a friend, a husband, a family member; but most often the important person you miss the connection with is you.

The thought of the day:

“If you feel lonely it means the connection is lost. “Unplug” yourself, take a break, get recharged and plug yourself back to life. Your energy goes up, so is connection!”


  1. Or maybe it is in fact that disconnection leads to the inevitable weight of loneliness. Well said piece.

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