A Perfect Life – FAKE

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I found the statistic that every third person that use social media feel bad about their personal lives. They compare themselves to other people’s achievements, posts and pictures. And it makes them feel down and bored. To me it’s obvious that all active users of social media (including myself) we all are exaggerating our perfect lives, looks, happiness, achievements. My Instagram screams how good I look and everything I do is fun and pretty. You will not see the picture of me washing my kids bottoms, vacuum-cleaning, scrubbing bathrooms. On most of my pictures I look my best. I don’t post my pictures in the morning when I take my child to a preschool. I always talk about getting dressed up, “wake up and make up”, but I break all these rules every morning to drop my child at school on time!

I talked to one of my very extraordinary friend. She has been travelling all over the world, met Mr. President couple (or more than couple) times, has pictures with many famous people. She is gorgeous, extremely intelligent and young. She was telling me that I’m very lucky to have my family and have a great set for life; I was telling her that I’m one of a million women and she is the one who has a very unique and awesome life…. We could not get each other ☺)))) She thought I’m the bomb and I thought she is the bomb ☺))

The thought of the day:

“ There is no such a thing as a perfect life. We all have our ups and downs. Don’t betray your life, live it and enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t look around!’

Picture by :VoyagerstudiosNC

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