5 Things We Give to our Children that We Should Give to Ourselves


Love – We love our children no matter what. We love them if they are being good or bad. We don’t stop loving them when they make mistakes. We don’t measure them if they are fit or chunky, don’t judge them if their reading is slow. We just unconditionally love them. I think we all should love ourselves the way we love our children. If you are not sure how to love yourself, think about how would you want your child to feel about herself/himself – it would be the most correct answer!

Attention – We pay close attention to what our children like to do and eat. When they feel good and when they are getting sick, what makes them happy, what they are good at and many other aspects of their lives… The same thing we should do towards ourselves. Pay attention to what we feel, think, like, dislike, what makes us happy..etc

Entertaining – Kids love entertaining. Most of the time that’s all what we do -trying to entertain kids. However, there is a limit of cartoons and baby talks. There are must be adult time for good movies, concerts, trips. Entertaining is very important part of anybody’s life. We all must be entertained! I personally love going to a theater to see a play or an opera!

Time – Time is the most valuable thing! It cost more than gold. We give so much time to our children to grow up, to understand, to learn…. Give yourself time…The time is yours.

Toys – My older son has so many toys! He has more toys than my brother and I had through our entire childhood. And I noticed that so many kids are overwhelmed with the quantity of toys they have. Kids love presents – so do we! Don’t feel guilty to buy yourself “toys”! We also need something to play with! I personally love shoes, dresses and cosmetics ☺

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