A woman’s body is amazing!!!

photo 3

I’m so amazed what a woman’s body can do. The difference between these two pictures is only 10 days. Through my pregnancy I gained 33 lbs., 10 days later I already almost 20 lbs. lighter. I don’t know how it happened. The explanation I can find is – my body is way smarter than me. It knows my comfortable weight and how to get it.

My mom “got mad” she said I eat a whole cake a day and lose weight, it’s unfair ☺))

A magic product I discovered during my pregnancy was Body Boost stretch mark oil by basq. (I found it at Motherhood Maternity store. ) This product really helped elastic my skin during the pregnancy and I have no stretch marks. Now I use Body Boost butter for firming. Highly recommend to try it!

Basq Stretch Mark Oil Butter

The thought of the day:

“Trust your body and take good care of your skin. Your skin is your best dress” 🙂

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