It’s very important for women to want and dream about something; it motivates us, inspires and gives us new goals. Our needs and wants are shaping our future. I personally take a very serious look on what I want. If I don’t want anything, it’s a call for me that tells I’m getting stuck in my life routine and I need to get out of my comfort zone.

Usually we don’t get what we want for one main reason – we don’t know what we want. Here is a great technique I use to figure out what I actually want! I call in “My 100 Golden wants”

Don’t be afraid of your wants and feel free to exaggerate them. The more you want – the more you get! A life consists of million little details, that’s why we need to create a list of every aspect of life.

Your list of “ 100 Golden Wants” should  answer 3 questions.

  • What exactly you want
  • How much it cost/ or what it takes to get it
  • When do you want it

Let’s start! It’s actually very entertaining. Take a notebook and a pen. Write all your wants and be more specific

You don’t have to write all 100 wants at one time. You can always add something or take away. Here is the example


Clothes : jeans, dress, jacket ….

My example: Make FALL clothing collection with my mom- budget $$ -September 2015

Leather Jacket – I don’t know how much it cost , have not find it yet . I want it by November 2015

Accessory: Shoes, Handbags, jewelry

My example: Ippolita Golden earrings – $1050 – open date

Yves Saint Lauren Handbag – $$$- May 2016



Make-up : Mascara, eye shadows, makeup brushes…..

My example: I need new mascara – L’Oreal -$10 – September 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit – $40 – Christmas 2015

Clarisonic Brush                           – $140 – Christmas 2015

Skin Care : Tonic , Serum , eye cream…..

My example: (have everything I need)

Beauty : Hairdresser, mani/pedi, sleep

My example : Visit my hairdresser – $140 – October 2015



With Husband / Boyfriend/ kids/ coworkers/ clients/ parents/ find a “love”

My example: Husband: Discuss with my husband our family plans, set family goals– Start planning /saving our family budget for traveling – NOW

Kids: Teach the alphabet – spending 15 minutes everyday with Liam teaching him – NOW


Go to the beach/ Ski/ concert

My example: I want to go to Paris – I’m not sure how much money I need – September 2016



Reed books, dance lessons, a singing class, art class…..

My example: Take ballet class – $10 per class – start September 2015


Education/ Promotion/ New Job/ Career

My example: Tony Robbins Life coach training – $$ – Get certified by Feb 2016


How much money you want to make/ win/ invest….

My example : I know exactly the number


Lose weight/ gain weight/ workout/ diet/ sleep/ massage

My example: weight 54 kg by November 2015

Make sure your list is readable, mark all the wants that came true and add new ones! It was just an example of things you may want in different categories, so create your own. Be more specific and detail. Make sure you really want it, don’t get confused by someone else’s wants or expectations. GOOD LUCK!

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