WE all have millions thoughts constantly coming to our minds. It’s hard to concentrate on something important, we all operate in multitask mode “do it all, do it at the same time”. As a result we getting confused what is actually important and what we truly want. One thing is clear we need to get faster, better, smarter; where you are right now is not enough. It’s so ironic, because it’s never going to be enough…. So run run run!!!!

My problem is I lose my focus all the time. Random thoughts are popping out, I’m getting interrupted and distracted. To write a post for my blog is a challenge. Every time I try to concentrate on writing, a strong stream of some absolutely random thoughts takes my mind away form it. Often my thoughts are not about fun and cool dreams; they take me somewhere I don’t want to be – fear, insecurity, worthless.

I always say – You are what you think! So I decided to take control over my thoughts.

There is only one productive method I found that really helps me. I want to share my discovery – may be it will help you too! To get focused I listen meditation music!

It really works great! I could not meditate before, now it’s easier to clear my mind from destructive thoughts.

Here is a link to my most favorite meditation music.


The question of the day:

“Do you control your thoughts or your thoughts control you?”

Picture by Voyagerstudiosnc

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