Long time ago I was working at retail fashion stores like Banana Republic and Cache. It was a great experience; it helped me to learn about pricing, quality of fabrics and branding. I created my own “shopping philosophy” and notice one interesting thing – Most women have two problems “Nothing to wear” and “NO room in the closet” ☺))

  1. Build your wardrobe with love – I rare go shopping or buy something. I almost never buy random stuff. Every item I buy I have to be emotionally attached, it has to make me believe it was made just for me to make me feel special. That’s why my wardrobe is relevant small. However, everything what hangs there I absolutely love. It’s easy for me to dress up and look good everyday, because I have no “junk” items in my closet.


2.  Buy one DON’T get two FREE – I rather buy one gorgeous dress for $200 than 4 good dresses for $50. Here is the example: at the beginning of the summer I bought gorgeous sandals for $250 at Neiman Marcus. Every time I wear them I get complimented. (every single time, no joking) I’m sure through the summer most of women bought couple new flip-flops, couple sandals and as a result they spent more on OK looking shoes. So, I think it’s way better to have one gorgeous item that makes you feel and look special, other than get bunch of ok things that don’t give you any emotional pump. Some of my friends think I spend lots of money; it’s actually all the way around. While they spend $30 -$50 here and there, $80 on something random, buy two get 50% off and so on…. , I buy one special outfit. This tactic helps me to answer two important questions: where my money goes and what I’m going to wear ☺)))


3. Full-Price – Most of the time there is no reason to pay full-price. There are only two reasons to pay full-price: 1. It’s a luxury brand that never goes on sale and 2. You cannot live happily ever after without it. I learnt working at fashion stores that there is always some specials, coupons, discounts you could use for the full-price items. Sometimes I ask sale assistants to call me as soon as some particular item goes on sale and they usually do call back.


4. Sale – Don’t buy something just because it’s on huge sale. Save the money and put it towards something you really want! Otherwise, you may stack your closet with “Junk” you will never wear.


5. Gratitude vs Guilt – In my twenties I did not have any spending money. So every time I bought something I felt guilty. I could not truly enjoy my purchases because I felt bad for spending money. It was my BIG mistake and I learn my lesson. Money comes to you when you are ready to give and receive. Money has energy flow like everything else. Now, when I buy something, instead of feeling Guilty – I’m grateful. Gratitude is the key that opens all the doors!!!

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