15 POSITIVE EMOTIONS Shopping Gives You!


Women love to shop. It’s true! Nothing can be better than a smell of a new shoebox  🙂 ! Even a little purchase can make us so happy – earrings from a jewelry box store, a new crystal-white t-shirt! Women have to spend money. It helps us to feel that we worth something, we deserve good things and YES we feel more loved!


Only shopping can give you all these 15 emotions at the same time!

  1. Excitement – Shopping is like an adventure!
  2. Element of surprise – You never know what you can find
  3. Variety – For most of us – life is a routine; we are getting bored with it and need variety! Shopping gives so many different choices!
  4. Expression – A chance to highlight your individuality
  5. Important – You are the boss! It’s your choice; it’s all depend on you and only You
  6. Decision-making – What color to choose – red or green dress! Tough decision!
  7. Investment – Spend money “the right” way
  8. True LOVE – We can fall in love with a dress or a pair of shoes (Feeling butterflies in the stomach)
  9. Inspiration – Unlimited variations for inspiration in your personal life, in your career , in any aspects of your life. (Can be: New dress = New Lover or New Dress = New Job 🙂 ))))
  10. Motivation – A new perfect suit gives the best motivation to go to the office early in the morning 🙂
  11. Self-esteem – Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in a different way, help to feel better about yourself
  12. New goals mind-set – Lose weight to fit in a pencil-skirt or get promoted to buy a new watch.
  13. Lucky – When you find the last perfect item in the right color and your size at the clearance section!
  14. Fulfillment – The mission is completed (found & bought)
  15. Happiness – No matter if your shopping was successful or not. The result is does not matter. It’s just FUN!

The thought of the day:

Shopping is a great therapy, safest way to pump your emotional balance!


  1. 10th one is my favourite..

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