Sex Appeal

2008Oct22 Lingerie

2008Oct22 Lingerie

Women’s sex appeal takes time to appear. Young girls who are trying so hard to look sexy seem silly to me. They should enjoy their time being young and awkward; to become a truly sexy woman takes time. It’s like a good wine or a cognac, it takes years to get it in the right condition!!! Women want more sex in their middle age, they don’t have problem with insecurity, know their body well and more open to enjoy the art of sex.

Sexual energy – is energy of life! Just think about it! There is only one way to bring a new life….

I feel sexier now than 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Here is my sexy photo-shoot from 2008. I’m sure, that now it would be a different photo-shoot 😉

2008Oct22 Lingerie

2008Oct22 Lingerie

The thought of the day: “ Sex as necessary and important as food. You can have a “Fast Food” or “ Culinary Delights”, however it takes time to start really appreciate and feel the different between these two.

2008Oct22 Lingerie

2008Oct22 Lingerie

Pictures by   Irina Reichert


  1. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. You looked great then and still do today.

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