2009 04 Vika&Irina
Lately I met at least 5 couples that recently got married and they all met online at some dating websites. They are awesome beautiful people; I would never think that it’s possible to meet such a great match on a dating website! I’am very surprised!!! On the other side, my single friends who are trying to find the significant one in “the real life” have no luck! I wonder WHY? Is it because in the reality we have to play so many social roles and cannot truly be ourselves? Trying to look so independent and confident, to make sure that no one gets an impression that you are looking for someone special?!? Also, I’m not actually sure where to meet the right guy? May be at the bar? Definitely not at the library ☺)) …

I think it’s great that people have a new way to meet ; fall in love, get married, share the same interests . I’m sure there is a possibility to meet a fake person or an asshole, however there is the same chance in the real life offline.

The thought of the day:
“To me online dating is a MAGIC!!! It’s like to kiss a frog and it turns into a prince charming! Now I believe in Fairy-tales!
P.S. I would like to hear more about online dating, If you have some experience please share!

Picture by Irina Reichert


  1. My friend met a guy through net and now they are happily married. Even I was shock to hear that

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  2. I met my husband on line, and both of us are pretty awesome and even more awesome together.

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