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Nowadays we are wearing minimal clothing and prefer maximum comfort. Living in the South, women wear tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. All summer long wherever you go – the clothing combination is the same for majority women. And It does not matter how old is the lady; 5 years old – 65 years old wear the same shorts and tank tops. I wonder why we don’t want to express ourselves through variety of different dresses, skirts and accessories? Is it too hot to think about anything, or may be we are TOO BUSY, or we are so beautiful INSIDE that no need to show it, or may be we don’t want to WASTE MONEY on our looks. Whatever it can be… all the excuses.

My concern is that we are missing such an amazing GAME. The Game is to express yourself and highlight your personality through your dress without any words! I also think we loose our feminine culture by not dressing up.

The thought of the day:

Don’t waste your words on the proof that you are unique woman – SHOW IT!


  1. I agree it’s so much fun to dress up and be a girl. Sure it’s hot in South Florida but that is no excuse to expressing your personality 😉

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  2. Dress to express 😀

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