I understand why men like to compete. They are trying to prove themselves and show to others who is the fastest, the smartest, the richest, the strongest, the funniest etc… Competition is a great motivation; it’s like a game. However I find it a very manly thing. I don’t think women should be competitive and I don’t see the reason to compete. We don’t need a social prove to be called the most beautiful, the smartest, the most talented etc..
We, women, have a magic ability to give any titles we want to ourselves!
If you want to be “ The mother of the year” or “ The lover of the year” or “The fashion diva” or “The number one alchemist” what ever it can be – just assign the title, act like you own it, start calling yourself by the title. And in a matter of time everyone will see you this way.
The thought of the day:
Competition creates too much tension, double questioning and a lot of energy waste! Don’t compete with anybody, just take whatever you think you deserve!!!!

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  1. My husband is so competitive and it makes things almost not fun sometimes. I’m glad he has toned it down since we have been together! I love the idea of calling yourself anything you want. I’m going to call myself the foodiest of foodies 😉

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