I’m not good enough…

I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, not beautiful enough …
My first teacher at elementary school did not like me and never paid any attention to me. (Grew up in Moscow, Russia). She made me think that I’m not smart. I was the only student who got “F” at the first grade. As a result I was always behind and never believed in myself. I thought that everyone was academically smarter and better than me. My schooling was torture for me. My bad start with a wrong teacher put a negative distorted self-image in my mind.
The biggest help I got was from my mother in the middle school. She taught me algebra, geometry and chemistry and I became very good at these subjects. It made me feel more confident knowing that my mother believed in me and she were there to help.
However, I was never confident enough to let myself be good at something and struggled through all my school years. I’m sure if now I would tell my high-school teachers that I actually graduated from a good American University they would not believe me; not because they are bad teachers or people, it’s because back then I never believed in myself!
As a child I was told that I have no rhythm, no piano skills and I’m not beautiful.
Today – I can Dance, Play Piano and YES I’m Beautiful!

The thought of the day:
The only person who can honestly and truly tell you how smart, talented and beautiful you are is YOU!!! It is YOUR DECISION! Distracting questions, like “Am I good enough?!?!” should never cross your mind!

Thank you Voyagerstudiosnc for this beautiful picture!

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