True Life Stories! Proof that it is never too late to follow your dreams!

IMG_2569 It’s never too late to start something new, to follow your dreams, to challenge yourself. I admire induviduals who are not afraid to be themselves and brave enough to follow their dreams. I want to share some true stories of women I personally know, who drastically in their middle age changed theirs lives to do what they truly love!

Image 12

First of all, I will start with my mom’s story. Less then a year ago my mom started taking painting lessons just for fun and to try something new. She always felt or knew her painting skills were not what she wanted them to be. In her twenties this lack of skill stopped her from following her dream of fashion school. She was great at sewing but not drawing. Drawing was one of the most necessary skills to get accepted in a design program, so she did not even try. So imagine my mom’s surprise when she discovered her new talent to paint. It became her new passion and she created over 50 paintings in less than a year, some of them already sold! Also, my mother created a beautiful maternity clothing collection for me last spring. It was such a success…here is the video. I admire my mom’s desire to never stop and constantly progress. FASHION COLLECTION IMG_6042

Last summer in Moscow, Russia I met a remarkable woman – Ekaterina Zabegina! All her life she was a veterinarian. And not just any veterinarian, she is a honored international doctor specializing on horses. Ekaterina contributed so much to the vet industry: wrote numerous articles, established a vet association and many other career accomplishments. However at the age of 47 she kept having the same dream over and over, in the dream she was sewing and creating a fashion collection. Since she was a little girl, she always wanted to be a fashion designer, but never even thought to pursue her dream. Instead choose to follow her family career path as a veterinarian. The dream was a sign for Ekaterina to finally pursue her dream of creating a fashion collection! She started studying the fashion industry, won a couple fashion contests and went back to school. In a short period of time, Ekaterina presented her first fashion collection. Actually, I met Ekaterina Zabegina at her first fashion show and it was an amazing show! I admire Ekaterina’s ability of not being afraid to switch from a successful comfortable career to something completely different! Watch the Video – FASHION SHOW by Ekaterina Zabegina IMG_5809

This is a story about my friend who turned her entire life into dancing. I think the story of Babs “McDance” is very unique. Babs found her passion to dance at her middle 30’s. She was a single mom with three boys on her hands. Her desire to dance was so powerful, that she found time to learn different dances and life was bringing more people with the same passion. She never stopped progressing. At some point she was brave enough to open the doors to her own dance studio. The dance studio has been in business for many years now! It changed not only Babs’ life but many others who have sought the passion of dance from Babs. She inspires, motivates and brings joy to anyone who walks thru her doors. Babs’ story is a great example saying  instead of making excuses – create opportunities! Tutorial Video by Babs McDance I’m sure if you look around you can find so many great live stories and meaningful examples! Learn from them! Get inspired! The thought of the day: It’s never too late to follow your dream. You have all the power to create your own remarkable life story

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