I have not been feeling good for a week. A snotty green blonde with sore throat, cough, energy level “- 10” !!!! Could not write, no inspiration! Honey, lemon and green tea….. All my thoughts were mirroring my overall health condition. Going Down Down Down – until hitting the bottom!!!! FINALLY, there is no other way but going up!
There is one great thing about being sick! Sooner or later you will get BETTER! You feel that your energy is coming back! “ A snotty green Blonde” turns to “ Beautiful Swan”
Honey, Lemon and Green tea switch to Strawberry dressing, Watermelon, Champagne ☺!
Such a pleasure to feel myself again!

The thought of the day:
If you feel unwell or feel down, there is good news for you – It’s all temporary!

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