What is a natural beauty? We hear a lot about “natural beauty”. But what does it mean? Some of us think that natural beauty is to look like you just woke up! Some cover their laziness by saying “It’s my natural beauty” Here is an example. Let’s imagine you are a flower garden. You can be a landscaped garden or just naturally growing garden, which hopes it’s going to rain one day to water it roots.

Beautiful garden VS ugly flower garden! Why some men are so against makeup? Because some girls by trying to look like Marilyn Monroe are going too far! That’s why I think it’s so important for women to learn how to apply makeup to highlight their natural beauty!!!

marilyn-monroe-makeup-mibba-121883  VS badmakeup1

The thought of the day: “Natural beauty” – like anything else need some care and maintenance. Don’t hope that one day you wake up a beauty queen! Beauty requires everyday work!

The bottom line, your beauty is one of your best investments!


  1. Lovely read! completely agree x

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