Yesterday I was a part of a great DANCE showcase. The youngest participant was 22 years old and the oldest was 96!!! I have to notice that all participants were not professional dancers; they were people who chose to dance with their spouses and friends, instead of spending time on a couch in front of TV ☺! I was so impressed and proud of all the dancers, there were new weds and couples who have being married for 25 years and over, grandmas were waltzing in beautiful sparkly dresses, a lady in red danced Argentine tango; all the dance numbers were outstanding!

That made me think, that it’s so important – don’t stop; constantly improve yourself, set new goals, and learn something new. I cannot stand losers (because time to time I am a loser) who always have excuses why they cannot do something, or waiting for the right time or something needs to happened first or think they depend on someone or something!

The dance showcase was a great example for me, it made me realize that some people just keep going creating interesting lives, spend quality time together, get out of their comfort zone. It was such a pleasure watching women and men at all ages (20′ 30′ 40′ 50′ + infinity) that were learning to dance, were progressing together and were brave enough to showcase! They inspired me be better, improve myself and never stop!

The thought of the day:

The only person stopping you is you! DON’T STOP! Believe in yourself!

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