Same-Sex Marriage


Same-sex marriage!?! I wonder who came up with it? I doubt that most gay couples are rushing now to register their relationships. And I’m also curious who is going to propose who, what their weddings will look like – two white dresses and two tuxedos?!? How are their going to introduce their partners “My wife” or “My husband”. I’m just playing with my imagination.

I see how it can benefit gay couples financially. It will give some economic security! It certainly will create a new market. Think about how many new business opportunities; new wedding greeting cards, wedding rings, photo albums etc. Also it creates some new marriage studying and statistics.

I’m not against same-sex marriage. But I would not vote for it. What is important to me is to raise our children  the traditional way!

Marriage= Man+Woman

All other variations are acceptable, but are not primary.

The thought of the day is missing because I don’t know what to think! For thousands and thousands of years marriage was allowed between man and woman, breaking this rule I wonder how is going to effect our future? I’m afraid it’s going to confuse our children and next generations… I don’t support it


  1. No hater, but if judgment to come..they all have questions to answer. God created Adam and eve and not Adam and Steve..


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  4. True… but if one wants they both the same sex partners too can inject the traditional values in their children. That’s how I feel.

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