My mom told me, “A woman always has to wear good lingerie, because she never knows when she has to take her clothes off.” 🙂 It’s partially a joke – partially a serious statement! I do think it’s funny, although I use it as a rule.

Once, at a party some naughty bug crawled on me. I’m so afraid of bugs that I instantly took my dress off by instinct. I’m sure it was quite entertaining. However it proved my mom’s statement! 🙂 My point is – every woman’s wardrobe should have a special place for lingerie. Lingerie is important as shoes, dresses and accessories. It can create an element of surprise and make you feel confident. Also, it helps to hide or exaggerate some parts of a body!

What underwear are you wearing right now? If you have to take your clothes off right now, how would you feel?

It does not matter that no one sees it, you see yourself!

The thought of the day: Details are what make a woman fascinating!


  1. Its correct that lingerie should be nice but I always guess why so expensive a piece of 1m cloth can sometimes cost $200 its against social equality ,lingerie should be comfortable, breathe easy ,clean .


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