We are getting so much information all the time, watching news, TV, commercials, social media. By checking Facebook we are getting involved in peoples lives that we barely know. Instagram gives us pictures of someone else’s life. We are so busy exploring other peoples lives, that we have no time and lose focus to explore our own.

How many of us during lunch are constantly checking a smart phone? By doing that, we are missing the pleasure of tasty food, interesting conversation with a friend, the joy of a present moment, and seeing things around us.
Once a week I do this experiment with myself, I call it “Clear your mind.” I turn off Facebook, Instagram, TV, and all day concentrate on my own thoughts and my life. It gives me a chance to discover my personal wants and needs, it helps to get rid of commercial pollution that constantly tells me what my wants and needs should be.

The thought of the day:

Turn off your phone – turn on your mind. Instead of seeing the world on the screen – feel the world around you!

The drawing is my creation :))))

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