I have been living on this wonderful planet for a while, slightly over 30 years, and I have hardly ever met a bad person. I have heard about them, I often see them on the news, I read about them in books, but I have not personally met them. People in my life have mistreated me, but they were not bad. I have had situations when I was wrong and not fair, but I still see myself as a good person.

Why is there so much bad news on TV? Because the proportion of bad news is way smaller than good news. Good things are happening all the time; its our standard and common for us to experience good things. All of our actions are based on good intentions. That’s why if something really bad happens, it immediately catches us. However, if there was more bad in the world, the good would stand out.

We should not be so afraid of each other. Fear of “being hurt” is blocking us form having good relationships, friendships, and partnerships. The chance to meeting a bad person is small compared to a good one.

The thought of the day:

“Being open to other people is not a weakness, it’s a power! It’s an opportunity to fulfill your life with happiness!”


  1. That is so inspiringg lovelyy words ♡♡

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