1.   SHOES

Wearing high heels will give you confidence by slowing you down and making your walk more gracefully, also by making you keep your back straight and chin up.


  1. DRESS

Wearing a dress will help you to reconnect with your feminine energy. There is a theory that women get energy from the ground and it flows from feet all the way up. So by wearing long skirts and dresses you collect more and more feminine energy! And bottom line – it’s just beautiful!!!

IMG_6182 2


Your perfume talks louder then you do. It creates a special atmosphere around you and sparkles up your uniqueness. Smell is a very powerful tool; it attracts people.



Wearing jewelry is our privilege. It is a great way to express your uniqueness. “Little details” make a big statement in your look!


5.      LIPSTICK

Wearing lipstick is a great mood enhancer. It can give you a sharper look, makes you feel more charming or mysterious, depending on the shade you choose. A variety of colors will help you to look deferent, even if you are wearing the same dress!

Read more about Magic Power of Lipstick. LIPSTICK


  1. You keep doing sooo good!!! Hope to be able to be at your shower.

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