How to find THE MAN of your DREAMS!

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June 5

Why do most single ladies have a hard time finding a man of their dreams? They try to build relationships with all sorts of men hoping to find the one, but it does not work. Here is a true story of my personal experience that helps to answer the question.

A long long long time ago, back when I lived in my hometown, Moscow, Russia, my best friend came to my house to chit chat and have lunch together. At that time we were both very young and interested to find the perfect man. I shared with her my thought, it would be fun to get married. So, she told me “the greatest secret:” how to find the perfect man.

Here is the strategy: to find the perfect man you need to describe him in detail, who he is; what does he look like, what does he do, his favorite sport, his character, what he wants, what he likes, does he love children, does he have a dog or a cat. What does he do in his free time? How will you meet or where do you want to meet him? What kind of relationship will you have? Write down everything that is important to you. How do you see the man of your dreams? Don’t write down what you don’t want him to be like, because it will work the opposite way.

My friend Polina told me this strategy and forgot about it. But I did not. That day I spent couple hours writing about the man of my dreams. I think I wrote almost 100 characteristics. It was September 200*. Exactly a year later, in September, I married the man of my dreams.

However, I have to warn you. You need to be very careful describing your man. Because you will get what you wrote down. I wrote – I want him to speak English. But I did not mean that it would be his first language. I found “the list” a couple of years after I made it. I would say at least 80 percent matched.

So to answer the question, “why is it so hard to find the man of your dreams,” it’s because you don’t know who you are looking for. As an example: If I ask you to pick up my brother at the airport, how would you find him? You cannot! Because you have no idea who he is. It’s the same way with the perfect man. Most likely you know what you don’t want him to be like but what you want, you have no clue.

To find the man of your dreams, you need to answer – who is he? What “musts” he has to have. It will help you to eliminate all the strangers and move on or stop wasting your time. He may be closer than you think. If you are living on this planet, he is too!!!

The picture by Irina Reichert


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