5 Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Do



5 Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Do

Being a stay-at –home mom is the hardest job ever. Because it’s non-stop and there is always something needs to be done. Constantly being in your child’s environment: cartoons, playgrounds, kids’ classes, talking to other parents about kids etc. How do you not go crazy?!?

1.Alone time – spend time away from your children. You need a break and personal space. Time to think about something else other than children.

2.Interests – do something that makes you excited! What is your personal interest outside of the family – reading, knitting, gardening, gossiping …

3.Move – your body needs some action. Staying active will keep your body young and mind clear. Dance, yoga, jogging, fitness etc.

4.Variety – at least once a week try to do something different. Go eat at a new restaurant, go to a new playground, try a new dance class or anything that comes to your mind! This will bring fresh air and excitement into your life.

5.Diary – A good way to stay emotionally balanced. You may not want to share some of your feelings with anybody, but they need to come out. Write down your wants and needs. It will keep you focused.

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