FORMULA for the IDEAL relationship


MAY 28

A relationship reminds me of a heart beat chart. Waving up and down, going through turbulence, but if it’s a straight line – it’s death. We all try to get our relationship to be a consistent line, with no waves, turning it into a comfort zone. We try to live in consistency and stability, avoiding emotional roller coasters – it’s all great. In protecting the comfort, we are limiting our ability to grow spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Growth requires you to get outside of you box.

I discovered three the most important subjects that must be fulfilled in a relationship. LOVE SEX MONEY. Three ingredients to make a “tasty” relationship!

Combinations missing at least one ingredient looks like this:

Love + Money = Friendship, good partnership.

Sex + Money = Business

Love + Sex = great combination, but works mostly for students ☺

The Thought of the Day!

Don’t be afraid if your relationship is waving, that means it is alive!

The wish of the Day!



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