What every woman MUST DO


MAY 27

Nowadays modern women are so affected by media! Magazines, billboards, and commercials are dictating the ideal image of a woman. One that we all should imitate. Of course we understand the image is fake and artificial, but for some reason we are still trying to match it! It’s almost impossible, but we work hard, getting frustrated and mad at ourselves!

I think it’s enough for me. I’m out of this game. I see women (beautiful women) looking in the mirror complaining about their noses, size of lips and/or bras, etc. Even if we fix the shape of our noses/ears/ butts, we are still not happy. Why?!?

First of all, every woman absolutely must work everyday on her emotional balance and happiness! It’s her number one “MUST DO.” Being in a state of balance and happiness, she will translate this condition to her children, husband or her significant other. Imagine if most of women you know were happy with themselves; don’t you think the world would be different? Imagine kids growing up with a joyful mother vs a frustrated mother?!? Or coming home to a cheerful lady vs a mad one …

If one of the main purposes in your life is to be happy and balanced – what would you do? Answers like – “I would not work” are wrong answers. Because the question was “what would you do,” not “what you would not do!” Write it down. Think positively!

The action of the day!

Smile to yourself in the mirror! Say out loud what you love about yourself! Avoid any type of criticizing! And day-by-day you will feel more balanced and happy!


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