MAY 22

Busy life! There is always something to do and no time to complete everything! We all get so busy, frustrated and overwhelmed. So many things need to be accomplished in a daily base. It does not matter if you are a CEO or a stay-at-home mom!
I also have a daily “to do list”. When I accomplish everything on it, I don’t feel fulfilled. Everything is done – great, does it make me feel super happy – not really! Why?
Looking at my “To Do List” I noticed, that probably 60% (if not more) are the things someone else wants me to do and what I really want is not on it! Shouldn’t it be all the way around?

The thought of the day

Before getting busy with your daily routine, check your “to do list” one more time. Make sure you want to do all these things. May be your list requires editing, because your personal needs are not on it! And what you truly desire – do it first!

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