Girls’ Toys


May 17

We are so lucky that girls’ toys are different than boys’ toys. Boys’ toys are simple, it’s something they can ride or roll: car, bike, skateboard, ball…. Anything else ☺ !?! Girls’ toys are significant more fun and their variety are staggering!

First of all, girls play with boys’ toys all the time, but boys don’t dare to play with ours. We have such a powerful and fun game – makeup. Personally, it’s my most favorite toy! Jewelry – earrings, bracelets, rings , sparkle and amusing. Bows, perfume, lingerie, lace (men can never wear lace)!!! Department stores scream, that the world was created just for girls to play!

Let’s don’t forget, toys are important! Put the category “My toys” in your budget list!

If life is a game – surround yourself with some fun toys!


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