Spend money on yourself!


May 6

When my first child was born, I stayed at home with him. I put all my time and care toward the baby. I stopped shopping, seeing my hairdresser, and I was wearing the same sweat pants all year around. I was taking care of everything and everyone else except for myself, but this did not do any good to anybody. I thought, “I’m saving money, helping my family” – WRONG! I was doing nothing good, but pushing us down. My feminine energy was low, my self-esteem got low too.

A woman is an engine in a family; she charges family members with her positive energy. My light “depression” was like a flu in our house……. and we all little by little started feeling down.

But then, I got a “big girl” job at an office. It was a good job, but I did not really like what I was doing. And luckily, I got laid off in 6 months with ability to collect unemployment for couple months. As a reasonable person I should have saved that money, spent it on groceries, saved for the future etc. But no, I looked at myself in the mirror and said “ Oh, No! You are not going down!” I went to Neiman Marcus and bought my first “PRADA” shoes!!!!

Was it stupid – yes! Was it a mistake – NO!!!

The pair of “PRADA” shoes gave me so much power and confidence. They changed my mind. Let me believe that I deserve good things. I can afford anything I want, because it is my choice! My “PRADA” shoes helped me to walk toward my new goals and dreams!

The thought of the day:

Spend money on yourself! Don’t feel guilty and bad about it. Instead, feel thankful and appreciative. Money is energy; it needs natural circulation and fresh air!

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