Unique You!

Image 7

May 3

Yesterday, I went to Kentucky Derby party. There were so many beautiful women all age; starting from 21 to infinity. They all were very different! Each one expressed her through a unique dress and hat. You could tell who is who by they outfits. It was a charm extravaganza! However, something kept coming to my mind. That most of them don’t even know how special and alluring they are. There was a girl at my party I kept looking at. I wanted to tell her, that if she could only know how beautiful she is. But I know, I can say it 100 times and it would not make any different, till she lets herself believe and think this way… It’s not easy, I know. Here are two things I tell myself every time I feel low:

  • Never criticize yourself. You are the only one real person who is criticizing you!
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not better or not worse than anybody. You got a remarkable opportunity to be yourself!

(Thank you Irina Reichert Photography for this beautiful picture! Maternity dress   collection ” Gallery of Flowers”)

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