STOP complaining


May 2

One of my good friends is always complaining about his girlfriend’s lingerie. He says that she is so beautiful and stylish, why is she wearing “ugly undies”. The other one of my family friends, always complains, that his wife is dressed like a grandma. However, he is the most well dressed man I personally know. It so easy and fun to fix it. Just go to Victoria’s Secret to pick up something you like for her or buy a beautiful dress that will match your perfect suit. For so reason they rather to complain than act.

I had a similar issue. I did not like my husband’s casual look. He kept his old t-shirts and jeans probably from the time of high school, could never find time to go shopping for himself or just did not see a reason to spend money on it. So one day I got brave! Packed about three quarters of his wardrobe and dropped it all at Goodwill. Oh my goodness! When he found out that most of his clothes gone he roar like a lion, he almost ate me up alive… But next day he had no choice but to go shopping. Honestly, I think he was happy to do so. He complained, but kept bringing more and more stuff into his fitting room. I guess he just forgot how fun it is to get something nice and new!

Stop complaining – act. It will make you and someone else happier

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