Why a man should pay for you at the restaurant?!?!

April 13


Lets look at difference between a man and woman’s everyday routine.

A man can wash his hair with “head and shoulders” for $5 and will be satisfied. A woman spends at least $20 for shampoo and conditioner + she will use body scrub and body lotion; a man will most likely skip these procedures. 
Then a man gets dressed (jeans + tshirt) and he is ready to go. His morning routine is over. However, we ladies are stuck in the bathroom. Here is another expensive and absolutely necessary routine for every woman (if she is not 18 of course) – skin care. It includes – cleaning lotion, toner, serum, day cream, eye cream. Basic steps that can cost from minimum $80 to infinity! You think we are done?!?! NO! We need to style our hair with hair spray, brushes, and a hair curler, not to mention put our make-up on. Talking about a make up kit, it is a life investment. We build a make up bag for years and it’s never enough. Just one brush from MAC cost $30, must have at least 5 of them! 
Ok, we are ready for the day.

Let’s compare our expenses – $5 vs minimum $500
. Then we all have to go to the hair salon. A man goes to Great Clips for $15, we ladies spend $100 – $120 every other month per visit. Mani/ Pedi -$60 once/twice a month. And it’s nothing fancy; it’s all basic procedures to maintain our natural beauty!
 And please don’t tell me we don’t need all these! “Your man loves you for who you are.” Yes, its true, especially if you 21 or younger. If you are my age, answer these questions “who are you” and “how much does it cost you?!”

Shopping is a different subject! Underwear – a man buys just a bottom, we have to buy both top and bottom! A man can buy one tuxedo and wear it all his life, no one will ever see the difference. However, we cannot wear the same dress to every special event, it is just impossible.

Now, I want to address my next thought to all men: “If you cannot afford a beautiful woman: don’t bother her, get busy with your life or curb your appetite! Your main task is to make us happy and we will pay you back with our sincere smile.” 
So, who pays for a dinner should never be a question!!!!

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