Love for Sale NOT on Sale


April 23

Love for Sale NOT on Sale!!!
I always thought that we cannot buy true love, till couple years ago. It was my true German love. We just felt that we belong together. I even felt insecure and shaking when we got close for the first time, (of cause it was not my first experience). It was not a hard decision, it was passion …. passion for BMW X5 !
Every day it makes me feel better about myself. Days when I have no money, my “true love” shows me, that I had money at some point and makes me believe that money will come to me again. Or If I have a bad day looking like ugly duckling, it hides me behind its muscling stunning look. Or if I feel small and weak, it can protect me.
So my genius thought of the day..
“If you want to measure how much your man loves you, it’s proportionally equal how much he invests in you!!!!”

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