Take a good care of yourself!!!


April 28

5 years ago I was working front desk at the dance studio. Two ladies came in looking for a kids’ ballet class for their daughters. At that time the studio did not offer anything for kids and I suggested to them to take some dance classes for themselves. The ladies got interested, and agreed that it would be really good for them. However, they found out the price and said that their rather spend that amount of money on their kids. I looked at them like a deer caught in the headlights. At that moment I promised always take care of myself, no matter what! How can you take care of your children and husband if you don’t want to care of yourself? And I have to say, that the price for a dance lesson was very reasonable. “Her husband’s one case of beer” could buy her a great hour of dancing, enjoying herself and getting energy to be a happier person, mom and wife! So my thought of the day: First of all, take good care of yourself, your body and your mind. Only then you will be able truly to take care of anybody else….

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