A Magic Trick!!!


April 27

We talk so much about how to be happy. Yes we TALK, now it’s time to ACT.
Here is a real trick I do to make myself feel happy and beautiful! It works for every woman. It can make your day, it can make your week, it can make your summer and even change your life! Yes, it’s that powerful!
Get a new delicious color lipstick!!!! It should be some tasty color – strawberry, raspberry, cherry, something bright and dangerous! New color can change your game; wearing bring color will make you brave and confident! But one important thing, it should be some fabulous lipstick like Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, MAC etc. If you go cheap like Cover girl or L’Oreal, it’s not going to have as much magic power.
For last year I always had three lipsticks in my clutch – “Sexy”, “MOD” and “Clementine” by Laura Mercier . “Sexy” – my every day color, “Clementine” if I’m flirting with myself, “MOD”- “watch out, I got something on my mind”!!!
However, today I feel that I need to make a change in my life. I think a new lipstick will be the best start. Join me and lets share our experience!


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