April 22

Had a very interesting conversation with one drunk fellow at Real Real Café couple weeks ago. He shared with me a secret about one of his good friend. The story was about some guy, who got married 8 or 10 years ago, has two beautiful children with his wife. But now she wants a divorce, because she is in love with another woman.
Things happens, I know. But the argument with my drunk fellow was about, that he was blaming it all on “the wife”, saying “she got out of her closet” and its not his friend’s fault. His point was “What can he do if she likes women?!?”…. Etc.
Great!!! Now I’m thinking, I wonder how this guy was treating his wife, If she felt more loved by another woman. Were their just good friends and buddies, fighting with the world together?!? Had he noticed, that she got cold to him or what his wife felt and thought was not his business? Any presents, flowers, vacations….?
It looks like being husband and wife is more like business partnership. May be that’s why all fairy-tails and romantic movies ends on beautiful weddings. What goes after that ……. What goes after that – IS YOUR CHOICE!
So, my thought of the day
“ Women first of all want and need to feel loved. She will bloom like a flower, if you make her feel that way. And as her gratitude to you, she will give you so much power and inspiration, that you will find yourself soon in a president’s chair”

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