10 Brightest Moments Of The Year!

What a YEAR!!! It was one challenging and beautiful year! UNIVERSE, thank you! Here are 10 the brightest moments of the year! 1. First of all, of cause the shiniest moment and the star of the year is Maximus Leo. My sweetest baby boy! (My emotions and pure love can not be described in this […]

BACKSTAGE Nutcracker

How I Lost 35 lbs just in 4 months!

How I Lost 35 lbs just in 4 months!   During my pregnancy I gained over 35 lbs. Maximus was born August 20 ,2015 . Right after he was born I lost only 10 lbs. So I had way to go to lose all my baby weight. About myself I can say: I’m not athletic, […]

VIDEO: Winter Piano Recital


VIDEO: Chello + Piano = Inspiration

Victoria’s Secret Angel – You are!

Victoria’s Secret show was amazing as always! I even started thinking that I should workout harder…… BUT VS makes XS ,Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, that means all size’s of women’s bodies are gorgeous!!! The thought of the Day: “Love your body just the way it is right now!!!” (Picture was made July 2015 […]

Video instruction – Exaggerate everyday life!

The Thought of the DAY: Exaggerate your everyday life by bringing spontaneous fun!


LOOK BOOK- Our Fashion Collection

Fall Collection  “THEATRICAL ACT” Victoria:  Top – 100% cotton , Skirt – 100% cotton with embroidered , underskirt – 100%  cotton , lace Aphrodite Pennaya (Designer) –  Maxy Skirt and Top – cotton +silk   Victoria : Polka Dots Dress – 100% cotton . Apron – 100% cotton. Underskirt – 100% cotton Aphrodite: Top with […]


VIDEO: CHIC & EASY How to Style a Silk Scarf

VIDEO: Fitness Challenge – My First Results!


On Local TV every Wednesday we have reportage about extraordinary people in our county. It made me think, who in my surrounding is extraordinary… Shocking!!! I don’t know any ordinary people! I’m very damn serious. I could probably film a 3 minutes video about anybody and it would have a unique story and a meaning. […]

CHIC & EASY way to tie a Silk Scarf


VIDEO: Chic and Easy way to tie a Silk Scarf

A Popular Phrase that Kills Your Dreams!

This is a phrase that kills your dreams. It blocks your dreams right in the beginning without any future hope. And I promised myself not to teach my kids this bad habit of saying it – “I can’t afford it” I use to say “I can’t afford it” all the time…. Until I hit the […]

VIDEO: Dancing with The Local Stars!

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes



VIDEO: Getting Ready For the Showcase “DANCE FOR LIFE”


VIDEO: Women Of Hope

I volunteer dance instructor for “Dance For Life” showcase via Women of Hope fundraising Gala. Please supper me and my extraordinary dance partner!

A Magic Change Just in Couple Hours

If you want to change your life and you don’t know what to start with – start with a visit of your hairdresser! The hairdresser is one of the most important people in your life; he/she can ruin it or put you on pedestal! Find a doctor or a lawyer is way easier than to […]

VIDEO: How to Pick a Perfect Pumpkin?!?

VIDEO: Fashion & Family Photo Shoot

Video: THE BEST WEDDING ( my trip to LA)

VIDEO: Little PILOT ( my 4 yrs old)

VIDEO: Girls Night Out


Women Of Hope

How to make people interested in you?

How to make people interested in you? There is only one way to make people interested in you. The answer is hidden in the question. To make people interested in you, you need to be an interesting person. I know it’s easy to say than to be. So how to become an interesting person?!?! The […]

VIDEO: Music Adventure

Dancing with a STAR

A year ago for the first time I participated at charity gala event “Diamonds and Champagne”. Luckily I got a super shiny STAR to dance with at the showcase “DANCE for Life”. Of cause the dance preference was based on how I felt at that moment …. And I felt like Argentine Tango. The YouTube […]

Video: Dance Practice “DANCE FOR LIFE”

VIDEO: MAGIC NIGHT (Girls night out)

A Real Picture of my Ultrasound!!!

This is a real picture of my ultrasound. Here is the story… On my 20th week of pregnancy (or around that time) I went to OB GYN office for ultrasound. The nurse was very nice; she was very detail taking all kinds of measurements of the fetus. The process was taking a long time. The […]


VIDEO: Fitness Challenge – PIYO


Looking around I notice a scary trend, I call it – UNISEX. More and more women dress like men. T-shirts , shirts , military style clothing , “boyfriend” fit jeans (I have a one pair myself) . The result of our new clothing preferences leads us to act like men. We have to admit that […]

VIDEO: Conservatory of Music

VIDEO: Fitness Challenge – BOXING (COMEDY)



Loneliness is a very unpleasant feeling; it’s one of the feelings we all happen to face time to time. I hear from many women the same scenario: “I want to meet a special man, he would make me feel complete and I will never feel lonely again.” Well, I have some doubts ….Yes! – you […]

Video: Fitness Challenge – BALLET

Video: Fitness Challenge – BELLYDANCE

VIDEO: Fitness Challenge – BALLET BARRE at O2 Fitness club

A Perfect Life – FAKE

I found the statistic that every third person that use social media feel bad about their personal lives. They compare themselves to other people’s achievements, posts and pictures. And it makes them feel down and bored. To me it’s obvious that all active users of social media (including myself) we all are exaggerating our perfect […]


5 Things We Give to our Children that We Should Give to Ourselves

Love – We love our children no matter what. We love them if they are being good or bad. We don’t stop loving them when they make mistakes. We don’t measure them if they are fit or chunky, don’t judge them if their reading is slow. We just unconditionally love them. I think we all […]

A woman’s body is amazing!!!

I’m so amazed what a woman’s body can do. The difference between these two pictures is only 10 days. Through my pregnancy I gained 33 lbs., 10 days later I already almost 20 lbs. lighter. I don’t know how it happened. The explanation I can find is – my body is way smarter than me. […]


Many years ago, back to 2006 I moved to US and got married right away. My family was far away, I had no friends, no job … I started a new life. The only person who connected me to the USA world was my husband. My English was not good; I had trouble communicating with […]

The present time is presented to you as a PRESENT!

My father taught me one important lesson. He told me “enjoy the moment of your life right now.” He is the master of enjoying his life and I keep learning from him. No matter what; he is always having fun and finds something positive in any situation. Why I’m writing this post? Because I caught […]


It’s very important for women to want and dream about something; it motivates us, inspires and gives us new goals. Our needs and wants are shaping our future. I personally take a very serious look on what I want. If I don’t want anything, it’s a call for me that tells I’m getting stuck in […]


] WE all have millions thoughts constantly coming to our minds. It’s hard to concentrate on something important, we all operate in multitask mode “do it all, do it at the same time”. As a result we getting confused what is actually important and what we truly want. One thing is clear we need to […]


Long time ago I was working at retail fashion stores like Banana Republic and Cache. It was a great experience; it helped me to learn about pricing, quality of fabrics and branding. I created my own “shopping philosophy” and notice one interesting thing – Most women have two problems “Nothing to wear” and “NO room […]

My ONLINE-SHOP ! The Doors Are Open!

My mother and I  are opened the doors to our Online -Shop “The Fashion Muses” at Etsy! If you are pregnant and fashionable , you will love our shop.  Right now we are working on the Fall collection for busy – stylish mommies , who want to look fabulous and feel comfortable! Click the link to […]

15 POSITIVE EMOTIONS Shopping Gives You!

Women love to shop. It’s true! Nothing can be better than a smell of a new shoebox  🙂 ! Even a little purchase can make us so happy – earrings from a jewelry box store, a new crystal-white t-shirt! Women have to spend money. It helps us to feel that we worth something, we deserve […]

VIDEO: NEW WAY to Lose Weight! IT WORKS!!!


Lately I met at least 5 couples that recently got married and they all met online at some dating websites. They are awesome beautiful people; I would never think that it’s possible to meet such a great match on a dating website! I’am very surprised!!! On the other side, my single friends who are trying […]

Sex Appeal

Women’s sex appeal takes time to appear. Young girls who are trying so hard to look sexy seem silly to me. They should enjoy their time being young and awkward; to become a truly sexy woman takes time. It’s like a good wine or a cognac, it takes years to get it in the right […]


Nowadays we are wearing minimal clothing and prefer maximum comfort. Living in the South, women wear tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. All summer long wherever you go – the clothing combination is the same for majority women. And It does not matter how old is the lady; 5 years old – 65 years old wear […]


I understand why men like to compete. They are trying to prove themselves and show to others who is the fastest, the smartest, the richest, the strongest, the funniest etc… Competition is a great motivation; it’s like a game. However I find it a very manly thing. I don’t think women should be competitive and […]

I’m not good enough…

I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, not beautiful enough … My first teacher at elementary school did not like me and never paid any attention to me. (Grew up in Moscow, Russia). She made me think that I’m not smart. I was the only student who got “F” at the first […]

How to Enjoy Life? RELAX

True Life Stories! Proof that it is never too late to follow your dreams!

It’s never too late to start something new, to follow your dreams, to challenge yourself. I admire induviduals who are not afraid to be themselves and brave enough to follow their dreams. I want to share some true stories of women I personally know, who drastically in their middle age changed theirs lives to do what […]

My TOP 5 Favorite Movies

1.  “NINE” I love this Theatrical movie with  outstanding music, singing and dancing! Every time I watch it , it  inspires me to dance and be theatrical!!! 2. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” –  I enjoy most of Woody Allen movies, but this one one of my most favorite. Interesting point of view on love, sex and […]


I have not been feeling good for a week. A snotty green blonde with sore throat, cough, energy level “- 10” !!!! Could not write, no inspiration! Honey, lemon and green tea….. All my thoughts were mirroring my overall health condition. Going Down Down Down – until hitting the bottom!!!! FINALLY, there is no other […]


Are YOU the QUEEN or the Maid in your Game of Life?!?

CLICK THE LINK https://victoriabollinger.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/hello-world/


A musical moment to get you in a good mood! Thank you http://www.voyagerstudiosnc.com for this fun video!

VIDEO: 8 Minutes = Perfect Skin Care + Natural Glowing Makeup

Absolutely must see!!! Tutorial video how to take good care of your skin and apply Natural Glowing Makeup just for 8 minutes!!!


What is a natural beauty? We hear a lot about “natural beauty”. But what does it mean? Some of us think that natural beauty is to look like you just woke up! Some cover their laziness by saying “It’s my natural beauty” Here is an example. Let’s imagine you are a flower garden. You can […]


The worst thing you can do is to compare yourself to someone else! There are two ways: compare yourself to someone who is far ahead of you or someone who is way behind you. No matter where you are right now in your life; there is always someone ahead of you and someone behind. However […]


Yesterday I was a part of a great DANCE showcase. The youngest participant was 22 years old and the oldest was 96!!! I have to notice that all participants were not professional dancers; they were people who chose to dance with their spouses and friends, instead of spending time on a couch in front of […]

VIDEO – Your Most Important Relationship

Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage!?! I wonder who came up with it? I doubt that most gay couples are rushing now to register their relationships. And I’m also curious who is going to propose who, what their weddings will look like – two white dresses and two tuxedos?!? How are their going to introduce their partners “My wife” […]


My mom told me, “A woman always has to wear good lingerie, because she never knows when she has to take her clothes off.” 🙂 It’s partially a joke – partially a serious statement! I do think it’s funny, although I use it as a rule. Once, at a party some naughty bug crawled on me. […]


We are getting so much information all the time, watching news, TV, commercials, social media. By checking Facebook we are getting involved in peoples lives that we barely know. Instagram gives us pictures of someone else’s life. We are so busy exploring other peoples lives, that we have no time and lose focus to explore […]


I have been living on this wonderful planet for a while, slightly over 30 years, and I have hardly ever met a bad person. I have heard about them, I often see them on the news, I read about them in books, but I have not personally met them. People in my life have mistreated […]



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Three Books that changed My LIFE

Back in 2003 I finished my freshman year at a University in Moscow, Russia. I was not happy with my college and I did not like my major. However, all the members of my family including grandparents went to that particular University. I felt like I did not have a choice, rather the obligation to […]

FIVE Things We Should Learn From Kids

Teaching piano brings me so much joy. Yesterday we had our spectacular piano recital. My students did a great job performing and showing what they learned. And I want to share with you what I learned from them: Consistency – My “little” students, no matter what, come to class once a week. They practice on […]



1.   SHOES Wearing high heels will give you confidence by slowing you down and making your walk more gracefully, also by making you keep your back straight and chin up. DRESS Wearing a dress will help you to reconnect with your feminine energy. There is a theory that women get energy from the ground […]

Why we are not getting what we want?

June 11 We are living in the greatest era. We have unlimited access to all knowledge- we can learn anything we want, we can be anyone we want to be, we can go anywhere we want. So what is stopping us from making our wishes come true? First of all we have a clear understanding […]

VIDEO “Be Emotionally Healthy and Happy”

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VIDEO – A NEW Way to Lose Weight

June 8th


June 6 “Do you like me?!?” is a very childish question. If you are an emotionally grown-up person, this question should be the last thing coming to your mind! “Do they like me? What he/she thinks about me? ” All these type of questions should never be in a zone of your interest. First of […]

How to find THE MAN of your DREAMS!

June 5 Why do most single ladies have a hard time finding a man of their dreams? They try to build relationships with all sorts of men hoping to find the one, but it does not work. Here is a true story of my personal experience that helps to answer the question. A long long […]

5 Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Do

JUNE 3 5 Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Do Being a stay-at –home mom is the hardest job ever. Because it’s non-stop and there is always something needs to be done. Constantly being in your child’s environment: cartoons, playgrounds, kids’ classes, talking to other parents about kids etc. How do you not go crazy?!? 1.Alone […]

VIDEO “The most important element of beauty!”


June 1 I would like to share with you my most recent discovery. The 6 basic needs by Anthony Robbins. I think it’s applicable to everyone. It’s a hot subject for me, because I constantly asking myself, what I want and what makes me happy. The answer I have found in these 6 needs. Certainty […]

International Blonde Day

May 31  International Blonde Day!  Celebration!  strawberry, honey, dirty,  platinum , silver, golden blondes ! Being blonde is an attitude, that has power… If i did something wrong, I say “Sorry, I’m just being a blonde” If someone “double question” me, I say – ” excuse me , You think I’m just a complete blonde?” […]


MAY 30th One of my very close friends is a therapist. She recommended that take a couple of sessions with a good therapist while I was living in Moscow, Russia. I like new experiences, especially when self-improvement is involved. So I went to my first meeting to prove to the “doctor” that I’m good! After […]


YOU are invited to webinar “THE ART OF BEING A WOMAN” June 13 @ 12pm EST To sign up please go to page “WEBINAR” and send you name and email. You will receive a link to WEBinar the day before . Picture by TOM SAPP

FORMULA for the IDEAL relationship

MAY 28 A relationship reminds me of a heart beat chart. Waving up and down, going through turbulence, but if it’s a straight line – it’s death. We all try to get our relationship to be a consistent line, with no waves, turning it into a comfort zone. We try to live in consistency and […]

What every woman MUST DO

MAY 27 Nowadays modern women are so affected by media! Magazines, billboards, and commercials are dictating the ideal image of a woman. One that we all should imitate. Of course we understand the image is fake and artificial, but for some reason we are still trying to match it! It’s almost impossible, but we work […]


MAY 26 I like browsing internet trying to find inspiration! (Rarely ever works ) I listen multiple CDs , attend webinars and read self-improvement books. It’s all good stuff, but it works only if there is an action! Time to time, I turn down the volume of all the voices , suggestions, commercials , preaching, […]


MAY 25 Spending so much time on the beach, I start wondering…. Why do women wear bikinis?!? To show everything we got! Such a great advantage for men, they don’t have to use their imagination! But on the other side, men are way more covered up than we are! I don’t think it’s fair!  Women […]


Wow! We , blondes, do think too much ;). I’m talking and writing about happiness  and life all the time. But do I actually enjoy the moment?  I’m on the beach with my family , what am I doing online? It’s time to turn off my mind and  turn on my heart to feel the […]


MAY 23 Welcome to my bathroom 🙂


MAY 22 Busy life! There is always something to do and no time to complete everything! We all get so busy, frustrated and overwhelmed. So many things need to be accomplished in a daily base. It does not matter if you are a CEO or a stay-at-home mom! I also have a daily “to do […]

TODAY is the DAY

MAY 21 While growing up we were told – “Wait till you grow up”, “You are not old enough” , “You need to do ….this and that …, so when you grow up…” “You will understand when you grow up” Last 10 years I was waiting that actual moment when I grow up. I was […]

Your BODY is your best FRIEND

MAY 20 Every morning I start with a 45 minute routine to get ready for a day: take a long shower, listen my favorite music or audio book, take time to put lotion on my body and face. No rush – pure pleasure! It’s the most productive time to set my mind for a day. […]


MAY 19 “The Lion” brought up a point, saying that when it is just two of us, there is no reason for me to dress up, put make-up on, and style my hair. Good point, I agree. But lets look at it from a different perspective to make a bigger picture. Let’s say we just […]


May 18 Sexual energy is energy of joy! If in your daily base, there are no pleasant moments, your sexual energy will go down. That’s is why it so important to find time for joy in your life! Miserable person less likely has pleasant, healthy sexual life – there is no way! In my dance […]

Girls’ Toys

May 17 We are so lucky that girls’ toys are different than boys’ toys. Boys’ toys are simple, it’s something they can ride or roll: car, bike, skateboard, ball…. Anything else ☺ !?! Girls’ toys are significant more fun and their variety are staggering! First of all, girls play with boys’ toys all the time, […]


May 16 I have a passion in my life – women! I love women and I love being a woman. So lucky, I’m not a man, because it would be impassible for me to pick the one. Women are so beautiful and so different; you cannot put them under any categories. We like water, can […]

A missing part of happiness!

May 15 No matter how good life is, there is always a missing part. It can be something little or something big. Why is it always like that? The weather is great, but too hot? Relationship with “loved one” is perfect, but no money. Making good money, but no time for fun…. And so on […]


May 14 1000 views, 13 countries, more thoughts….. Please join the Facebook page “365 Days of Thoughts by Blonde”


May 13 At my 20’s, I was fearless and adventurous. June 6th, 2005 (10 years ago) I came to US for the first time as an exchange student “work and travel”. I did not speak English, did not know anybody, I did not know where I’m going to live. I just had $500 in my […]


May 12 Once my friend asked me, why I’m always happy. The answer is – my happiness is a habit, just like smoking or drinking. At some point, someone decides to start smoking, the same way I just decided to be happy. It takes some time and practice, but surely it’s addicting!!! Happiness is like […]

Be his Lover NOT his Mother

Being in relationships we sometimes mix match our roles; who is the man and who is the woman? Especially if we have kids, we start babying our men too much. We call them “Baby,” and start taking care of them like their moms did. And what happens?!?! Sex life goes down! Why? “Mother” – is not a […]

FASHION video!!!

MAY 10 Beautiful maternity collection created by my talented mother! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me !!! All  my dreams come true!

Do you get Presents?!?

May 9 Couple weeks ago, I was cleaning the kitchen and accidently found $50 in an envelope! It was a nice surprised, I thanked Goodness for sending money my way. But soon, “The Lion” told me, the the fifty bucks was the present from him for my birthday!?!?! What I did? I put the wild […]

Ugly Duckling or Beautiful Swan!

May 8 When I was born, I was an ugly baby. I looked just like a baby Shrek. Bald head, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. My mom cried and worried about me. She did not want to go in public with me ☺. Time passed by, I was looking better, better enough to go to public […]


May 7 You are feeling low?!? – Dress up! It will make you feel better about yourself. You messed up at work?!? – Dress up! And go talk to your boss. No one talks down to a well-dressed lady. Nobody listens to you?!? – Dress up! You will get the attention! You are excited and […]

Spend money on yourself!

May 6 When my first child was born, I stayed at home with him. I put all my time and care toward the baby. I stopped shopping, seeing my hairdresser, and I was wearing the same sweat pants all year around. I was taking care of everything and everyone else except for myself, but this […]


MAY 5TH 10 years ago I thought that I could find happiness. So, I moved across the world trying to find it. But anywhere I went, I was carrying myself with me. I kept moving until I realized, happiness is not somewhere outside; happiness is inside of me. Instead of looking around I began to […]


May 4 There is a popular opinion, that men want sex more then women. Moonshine (Bullshit)!!! Women want sex as much as men do. We can just cover it better and prefer to use our imagination! Look around… what do you think all these women are thinking about?……

Unique You!

May 3 Yesterday, I went to Kentucky Derby party. There were so many beautiful women all age; starting from 21 to infinity. They all were very different! Each one expressed her through a unique dress and hat. You could tell who is who by they outfits. It was a charm extravaganza! However, something kept coming […]

STOP complaining

May 2 One of my good friends is always complaining about his girlfriend’s lingerie. He says that she is so beautiful and stylish, why is she wearing “ugly undies”. The other one of my family friends, always complains, that his wife is dressed like a grandma. However, he is the most well dressed man I […]

Beautiful or not beautiful

May 1 Couple months ago I signed up for a gym membership. As a compliment, I got two sessions with a personal trainer. The fellow was a nice guy and may be Ok trainer. But his way to motivate me was not effective. First he said “ Don’t you hate pregnant women who gained weight […]


April 30 “You are what you think”. Who said it – Buddha , Muhammed or Christ?!!? Who ever it was given as a “magic wand”. Think twice before thinking something bad. Positive thought has so much power, it will make the world smile. Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts!!! #365 days of thoughts […]


April 29 My wardrobe, for some unknown reason, consists of theatrical clothes. I have no jeans and no pants, nothing what a reasonable person should wear. It is all dresses, maxi skirts, hats, high heel. My everyday look would make you think I work at a theater or a circus . Now, being a pregnant […]

Take a good care of yourself!!!

April 28 5 years ago I was working front desk at the dance studio. Two ladies came in looking for a kids’ ballet class for their daughters. At that time the studio did not offer anything for kids and I suggested to them to take some dance classes for themselves. The ladies got interested, and […]

A Magic Trick!!!

April 27 We talk so much about how to be happy. Yes we TALK, now it’s time to ACT. Here is a real trick I do to make myself feel happy and beautiful! It works for every woman. It can make your day, it can make your week, it can make your summer and even […]

What people think about you?!?

April 25 If it bothers you what other people think about you?!?! Good news. First of all, no one thinks about anybody but himself or herself. And second of all, people think about you what think about yourself. Always think good and support yourself!!! Thoughts generator VB

What I’m talking about..

April 24 When I have no money – I talk about money. When I have no sex – I talk about sex. When I have no money, no sex – I talk about love… Brilliant Blond VB Когда у меня нет денег – я говорю про деньги. Когда у меня нет секса – я говорю […]

Love for Sale NOT on Sale

April 23 Love for Sale NOT on Sale!!! I always thought that we cannot buy true love, till couple years ago. It was my true German love. We just felt that we belong together. I even felt insecure and shaking when we got close for the first time, (of cause it was not my first […]


April 22 Had a very interesting conversation with one drunk fellow at Real Real Café couple weeks ago. He shared with me a secret about one of his good friend. The story was about some guy, who got married 8 or 10 years ago, has two beautiful children with his wife. But now she wants […]

Culture Shock!

April 21 Culture shock! Cannot stand when someone say that US has no culture! One person said it and millions people repeated it like it’s their personal opinion based on their observation. I can easily prove them wrong! First of all lets find the definition of culture. Wikipedia – Culture (/ˈkʌltʃər/) is, in the words […]

Fashion LookBook Video

April 18 Video about the photo-shoot of our first LookBook “Gallery of flowers” Action at the end…… Видео отчет о фото съемке LookBookа “Галерея Цветов”

….as you let yourself be!

April 17 Last night I was leading my ViVa DiVa class. It was a small group of Ladies, so we were able to perform solo. The thing I noticed one more time. That each of my beautiful dancers could not see how graceful and magnificent they were, even when all the audience was so charmed […]

What Women Want

April 15 What Women Want? We want three things! Love Sex and Money The thinker VB Что хотят женщины? Мы хотим три вещи! Любовь Секс и Деньги

Why a man should pay for you at the restaurant?!?!

April 13 Lets look at difference between a man and woman’s everyday routine. A man can wash his hair with “head and shoulders” for $5 and will be satisfied. A woman spends at least $20 for shampoo and conditioner + she will use body scrub and body lotion; a man will most likely skip these […]

Importance of Shoes!

April 10 Why woman so obsess with Shoes? Because we all were raised on “Cinderella”! It’s impossible to imaging prince chasing his beautiful stranger with an old worn-out slipper in his hands?! ))) Ladies invest in your shoes, they saved Cinderella’s life and I’m sure can create some magic for us too! Though of the […]

The art of being a woman

April 8 The art of being a woman is ability to create your own masterpiece! If you compare yourself to others, more likely you have a risk to be”copy and paste” The thought of the day ! VB Искусство быть женщиной – это возможность создавать свой собственный шедевр. Сравнивая себя с другими вы рискуете быть […]

Playing piano… April 7

5 Reasons Why you or your child should take piano lessons! By my observations.. 1). Music is international language. We all speak music, but only some of us can read it. Be the one! 2). Piano lessons develop rhythm and ear for music . Don’t be surprise that people who take piano lessons can learn […]

True Love

April 7 Want to find your true love?!? Look in the mirror! ‪#‎Getting‬ Wider and Wiser My thought of the day Хочешь найти свою настоящую любовь? Посмотри в зеркало! Расширяет и раскрепощает wink emoticon Моя мысль дня

April 4

Women , don’t be foolish! Stop saving money on yourself! Save on your husband and children!!! ;)))) The thought of the day Женщины, не будте дурами! Не экономьте на себе! Лучше сэкономьте на муже и детях! Фраза дня от Афродиты и VB !

April 2

Do not let anybody to hold you back, even if it’s a handsome man behind you!!! The thought of the day by unstoppable me…

START …April 1

We women are so colorful and unpredictable. I wonder how it happened that we became so masculine. Even our every day look is very manly! We wear the same clothes: Jeans, t-shirt, shorts, flip flops etc. The only difference in our costumes you can find is on the beach. Bikini and swim shorts, thank goodness, […]